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Naval - The Bobbin Company

Simplex Bobbin

Simplex Bobbin

  • Narrow fitting tolerance
  • lmproved Design sticking Band
  • No jump or jerk durinng starting
  • Surface to hold last layer roving in position
  • No jam in flyer
  • No tilting in Bobbin Holder
  • Suitable for LMW, Howa, Toyoda, Zinser, Rieter, Marzoli & others
  • Made from ABS + Acetal bush & special Polypropylene
  • Excellent finish and attractive colours

Ring & Doubling Frame Tube

We manufacture R/F tubes suitable for almost all the makes of Ring Frames such as LMW, TOYODA, ZINSER, SUESSEN, RIETER, MARZOLI, HOWA, CHINESE, etc. We have special Bush type Tube for Autodoffing Machine.
  • Tough surface with micro grooves
  • Fitting Dimension as per IS0 & Machinery manufacturer specification
  • Eccentricity below International Standards
  • True running for longer period hence less energy required
  • Less end breakages/less TPI variation
  • Suitable for Manual & Auto doffing
  • Special tubes available for Mild & Rigorous steaming application
  • Made from special Polycarbonate & other Polymers + Bush
  • The tube with bush has narrow fit clearance, less end breakage& smooth doffing

Cheese Tube

Cheese TtubeTubes are suitable for following type of machines:
  • Cheese winder
  • TFO
  • Twisting
  • Air Jet & etc.
  • Texturizing
  • Rubbing
  • Open End
Steaming & Dyeing Cheeses
  • Available Perforated Cheeses
  • Different Polymers
  • Different weights
  • Repeat use

Dye Tube

Rigid Dye Tube

Flexible Dye Tube

Rigid Dye Tube Flexible Dye Tube
  • Size l7O x 54 mm
  • 172 x 41 (under development)
  • Yarn for dyeing can be sold directly to clients
  • Importers prefer yarn on these tubes
  • Sale yarn or repeat use
  • Size l7O x 4l.5, 170 x 54 & 175 x 58 mm
  • More open surface area upto 70%
  • Tube fits one inside other and hence no spacer needed
  • Yarn for dyeing can be sold directly to clients
  • Importers prefer yarn on these tubes

Cone Tube

Cone TUbe

Winding Cone & Tube

  • Available Cones - 3°30, 4°20, 5°57 & 9°15
  • Top - Bull Nose or Cut Nose
  • Surface - Knurling/Plain Groove/Step to suit yarn quality
  • Eccentricity/quality as per ISO standards
  • Required fitting hence suitable for auto dofting
  • Made from special Polypropylene & other Polymers
  • Perforated Cone for Steaming / Dyeing


Twist is set by keeping yarn in steaming chamber at 90°C to 95°C temp. for 10 to 15 minutes. The cycle
may be repeated for specified results. For this application NAVAL Cone PG type are available to you
at a special rate. NAVAL also has latest Cone available for higher temperature and duration.
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