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Portable Screw Air Compressor

(i) Electric Powered Screw Air Compressor

Elgi's E45 electric powered has set a new standard in portable compressor performance. It is designed to withstand extremes of temperatures, dust, grime and tough operating conditions. Equipped with an electric motor, this trolley mounted compressor economizes on operating costs and offers higher returns on investment for the customer.

(ii) Portable Single-Stage High Pressure Compressor

Elgi has introduced the single-stage 250 psig high pressure portable air compressor, which makes it a perfect choice for construction and mining operations.

Traditionally mining, construction and exploration applications featured two-stage airends because of the high pressure requirement, single-stage airends having been limited to a maximum discharge pressure of 200 psig. Overcoming this conventionality, Elgi has developed a single-stage airend capable of delivering 250 psig working pressure. The air compressor developed by Elgi for Sandvik is the DT 450-250 air compressor. This product was developed in a record time of only 6 months! This represents a proof of Elgi’s capabilities in compressed air technology development.

(iii) Trolley / Skid Mounted Diesel Powered Compressor

ELGI Equipments Limited pioneered the Engine Screw Air Compressor in India. Our expertise in the highly demanding water well drilling application in a variety of difficult strata have enabled us to tropicalise screw compressors to full load conditions.

The ELGI range of Engine Driven Mobile Air compressors (trolley mounted) are working successfully in applications such as road building, construction, mining, quarry, sand blasting and many more. They are designed to withstand extremes of temperature, dust, grims and tough operating conditions - from the deserts of Rajasthan to the sand of Saudi Arabia. 

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