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G Series Engines 25 KVA to 125 KVA

  • Very low basic engine noise level. Contributes to bettering the statutory MoEF stipulated noise level of 75 dB(A) for the DG set.
  • Lowest exhaust emissions. Meets the next generation CPCB and
    US Tier-2 norms.
  • Individual Cylinder head design. Savings on maintenance cost and time.
  • Modular design. High degree of commonality of hardware and components over entire range.
  • Easy accessibility of all maintenance parts.
  • Deep skirted crank case design. High degree of rigidity and ruggedness.
  • Higher reserve margins in the lube and cooling circuits – gives the benefit of increased wear life of the engine, extended period between overhauls and hassle-free operation especially at high ambient temperatures commonly seen across the Indian sub-continent. Operates efficiently at temperatures from -20o C to 50o C.
  • Wet Liner construction eliminates time consuming and expensive block re-boring during overhauls.
  • Gear drive for water pump improves the reliability of the cooling system.
  • Easy fitment of electronic governor when required.


D Series Engines 160 KVA to 500 KVA

  • Individual cylinder head design. Ease of maintenance and minimal parts consumption during overhauls.
  • Modular 60 deg VEE design ensures compactness.
  • Electronic governor as standard fitment for DG set ratings 250 kVA & above. Mechanical governor back up provided for additional reliability.
  • Wet liner construction across the range. On-site major repairs possible. Increases DG set availability and uptime.
  • Environment friendly. Complies with CPCB norms for mass emission.
  • Extended Oil change interval of 500 hours.
  • Lower BMEP compared to other engines in the market. Reduced thermal loading & higher Block-loading capability.
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