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Spindle Tape

1. Premium

PremiumElgi is pioneer in the manufacture of synthetic sandwich spindle tapes and remain as a trendsetter in the textile industry since the time of conversion of the conventional cotton tapes to synthetic tapes.

Premium tapes undergo special processes to provide excellent product stability and low edge fraying to reduce fluff accumulation. ELGI ULTRA is strongly oriented towards technological innovation for the achievement of quality products.

Available Sizes
  • Length - Available in rolls and cut to specific length depending on customer requirement
  • Width (mm) - 8, 10, 11, 12, 12.5, 13, 14, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40.

2. G2

G2G2 grooved spindle tapes has a pneumaflush action (patented technology ) that flushes out air from the surface of the spindle tape to provide firm grip and optimum slip on high speed spinning frames.

Our innovative technology of G2 grooved spindle tapes has gained wide appreciation from our clients across worldwide. G2 spindle tape provides very close jockey pulley movement, optimum slip from pulley to spindle and saves power.

Premium++, G2 ++

3. Premium++, G2 ++

Elgitex introduced Caprobond technology in their tapes, another breakthrough and named as Premium++, G2++

4. GX

GXGX grooved spindle tape is the result of cutting edge technology from Elgi Ultra to optimize power savings. GX tape provides higher RPM, optimum slip from pulley to spindle head and less power consumption.

GX has carved a niche in the industry on account of enhanced power saving benefits combined with superior performance.

GT02, GF02

5. GT02, GF02

Heavy duty spindle tape with high tenacity polyamide traction layer - for heavy doubler, TFO and jute spinning applications.

GG04 (Suessen)

6. GG04 (Suessen)

High speed spindle drive tape with high tenacity polyamide traction layer for efficient power transmission. Excellent abrasion and chemical resistant rubber cover for longer life.


1. Flat Belts

Flat Belts

Elgi Ultra is eminent in supplying comprehensive range of Flat Belts. These flat belts are made with the combination of Polyamide, Fabric and Synthetic Rubber / Chrome Leather. High strength polyamide core layer is imported and it is used in these flat belts.

We manufacture flat belts over two decades and the belts are technically licensed from Ammeraal Beltech AG, Switzerland.The company has made largest installation of flat belt drives in global arena and our team of technical expertise offers customized conversion packages.

2. Tangential Belts

Tangential Belts

Elgi Ultra has the highest standards of quality and extensive variety of belts for ring spinning, twisting & Open end spinning applications. Our high efficiency flat and tangential belts are ideal for high power transmission.

Elgi Ultra is one of the very few manufacturers to supply tangential belt for high speed Open End Spinning machine for rotor speed exceeding 
1, 00,000 rpm.

Elgi Ultra is the only manufacturer to offer tangential belts with ground surface (inclusive of joint) for high speed applications.

Process & Converyor Belts3. Process & Converyor Belts

Elgi Ultra offers conveyor belts for all the industries including hygienic PVC / PU conveyor belts.

4. Truly Endless Belt

Simplex BobbinElgi Ultra Industries Limited is a part of the Rs.500 Crores multi faceted Elgi Group of Companies, Coimbatore. Group having specific focus on Engineering & Rubber and been in business for over 40 years. Qualified trained manpower and excellent facilities with focus on R & D helping constant product development and innovation. Pioneer in launch of Synthetic sandwich spindle tapes in India.

V-Pulley to Flat Pulley Conversion

V-Pulley to Flat Pulley Conversion

Elgi Ultra offer customized solution for conversion of V Belt to Flat drive system to all industries. The pulleys are designed as per DIN 111 and / or ISO 100 and dynamically balanced.

Loom Components & Moulded Rubber Components

Loom Components & Moulded Rubber ComponentsElgi Ultra manufactures weaving accessories for Ruti - B, Ruti - C and Cimmco shuttle looms. Elgi Ultra is the renowned leader in manufacturing Fabric reinforced Rubber based Weaving accessories and Moulded Rubber Components in India.

The Company has qualified, trained manpower and excellent manufacturing facilities. Our extended knowledge in polymer and fabric of over three decades helps in making the right choice of roller cover for specific application.

Semi – Embossed Film

Semi – Embossed FilmElgi Ultra manufactures Semi Embossed Polyethylene Film, used as a liner material in Rubber Industry. The Film is manufactured with 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene. As per customer requirements, we produce semi embossed film in various colors and specifications.

The diamond shaped embossing film helps to remove air between film and rubber while calendaring resulting in easy and distortion free removal of the film from the rubber.

The film is used as a liner to retain the properties of rubber and it prevents dust and other solid matters sticking to the rubber. Semi Embossed Film is used by Tyre manufacturers, Tread and Bonding Gum manufacturers, Conveyor Belt manufacturers and other Rubber Coated Fabric manufactures.

Ultraflex - Polyurethane (PU), Polyethylene (PE) & Nylon Tubings

Ultraflex - Polyurethane (PU), Polyethylene (PE) & Nylon TubingsElgi Ultra has acquired a first class reputation in the global market as one of the leading manufacturers of PU, PE and Nylon tubings with high quality. Elgi Ultra has decades of experience in manufacturing ULTRAFLEX PU, PE and Nylon tubings.

These tubings are made from high quality raw materials and are supplied to leading OEMs. The company has qualified and trained manpower with excellent R & D facilities to satisfy the requirement of the customers.

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