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Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The Rotary Compressor Division is involved with the design, development and manufacture of electric and diesel powered screw air compressors. The following are the range of compressors developed at the Rotary Compressor Division.

1. Electric Powered Screw Air Compressors (EPSAC)

(i) Global Series (E11-E22 kW)

Elgi's Flexair Advantage 
  • Improved overall energy efficiency of the compressor due to very low operating speed 
  • Low maintenance costs due to absence of gear/pulleys etc.
  • Low operating noise levels
  • Less number of components resulting in compact design of the compressor.

(ii) Single Stage Compressors ( 11-75 kW )

  • Energy Efficient: 
    Power saving airend made under a joint technology agreement with the Center for Positive Displacement for compressors of City University, London. 
  • Optimal capacity control: 
    Varion intake valve installed at the compressor inlet optimally controls capacity during start up; operation and shutdown.
  • Direct drive for transmission efficiency: 
    Unlike belt-driven compressors; where slipping of the V Belt causes power losses and decreased efficiency, Elgi's direct drive ensures efficient power transmission and constant FAD throughout life. 

(iii) Single Stage Compressors ( 11-75 kW )

90 - 250 kW / 16.7 - 43.9 m3/min 
120.7 - 330 HP / 602-1552 cfm
  • Energy-efficient:
    Unique Eta-V profile rotors for maximum flow and minimum power consumption.
  • Maintenance friendly & Durable:
    User friendly solid state Neuron+ annunciation panel for easy fault detection. Integrated control and monitoring system for compressor.
  • Efficient coupling:
    Airend and motor shafts are coupled through a permanently aligned cushion type flexible coupling. Elgi's efficient coupling ensures efficient power transmission and constant FAD throughout the life

(iv) Tank Mounted Screw Air Compressor

5.5 - 11 kW / 0.71 - 1.60 m3/min 
7.5 - 12.5 HP / 20.8 - 56.5 cfm
  • Distinctive Poly V belts for efficient power transmission.
  • Fit & forget belts that require tensioning only once a year.
  • More durable due to less bending stress.
  • Taper lock bushes for easy alignment.
  • Uses only reputed & reliable control switches & solenoid valves.
  • Simple system with minimum number of parts.
  • User friendly, compact annunciation panel with display.
  • Constantly monitors status of compressor operation.

(v) Two- Stage Energy Efficient Tandem Compressor (75 kW - 160kW)

75 - 160 kW / 16 - 30.7 m3/min 
100 - 215 HP / 565 - 1085 cfm
  • Elgi Tandem compressor is a two-stage compressor, having high energy-efficiency . the compression is done in two-stages to improve the volumetric efficiency and thereby contributing to decrease in power consumption and increase in saving energy costs. Tandem air compressors consume 8-12% less power and offer a return on investment within 8-15 months when compared to single-stage compressors

2. Airends

(i) Axis Series

Axis Airends were designed and developed by Elgi after 50,000 man-hours of continuous engineering improvements, research and testing. The airends are distinguished by the unique ‘N’ Profile rotors in a 4/5 lobe combination that significantly increases the efficiency. 

(ii) Elegant Series

Made from the best quality raw material, the Elegant Series airends are designed to suit international specifications. Coupled with factors like long life, low maintenance, low cost of operations and the backup of ELGI's service worldwide, ELGI's airends are best suited for the long run.

3. Oil-free Screw Air Compressor

(i) Oil- free compressor

Hitachi is a world-class manufacturer of oil-free screw compressors for industrial applications. Continuous upgrade of technology has resulted in superior compressors that provide high-quality compressed air with minimal running costs. Elgi is now licensed to manufacture the world-renowned SDS series of Hitachi compressors, marketed in India as Elgi NH Series Compressors.

4. Centrifugal Air Compressor

(i) Centrifugal Compressor

Capacity : 1400- 8500 cfm 
Pressure : 3 - 14 bar

The ELGI- Samsung Centrifugal Air Compressors bring into India the world's acknowledged Turbo master to meet all requirements of oil-free compressed air.

The power of the Turbo Master ranges from 400 HP to 1500 HP. It's capacity ranges from 1400 cfm to 8500 cfm and pressure from 3 to 14 bar.

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